May- A Reason to Celebrate at HG Logistics LLC


I know May is over and I am a day late in writing this blog, but I did not want to skip over the month without mentioning how significant it is in the lives of many of us who work here at HG Logistics LLC, a freight transportation broker and third party logistics company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. HG Logistics LLC is a small company of just ten full time employees. But believe it or not, of those ten, three of us have birthdays in May.
Our company was nice enough to recognize us who were born this beautiful month of the year:

Nancy Sauers

Nancy Sauers

First there is me, Nancy. I mention me first, not because I am the most important, but because I am the oldest and the matron of the group. As you can see from the picture, I am still smiling. However, I do look a little stooped over. I better work on my posture before I lose inches in height as most of us do with age.

Steve Hunt

Steve is our next birthday boy. Poor Steve! He was so depressed he would not even look at the camera. He turned the BIG 40 this year. Need I say more?

Eric Fiehler

The youngest of the group is Eric. Can you tell? He is still happy to have another birthday come around. As he would say, “Bring on the cake and ice cream and let’s celebrate.”

 I speak for all of us “May Birthday” people:

“Thank you HG Logistics for making our birthdays special.”

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