No Debate – HG Logistics LLC the Better Choice


This week marked the first of a series of Presidential debates. I managed to watch most of this debate, and although I cannot say I agreed with all or even part of what each candidate had to say, I do give them credit for standing in front of 40 million viewers and presenting their platform and arguing in defense of their ideas and plans for the future of America.

I was never part of a debate team in school. I never even considered it a possibility. I hate to argue. But I have learned that a debate is not some uncontrolled shouting match between two parties passionate about their stance on a topic. A debate is just the opposite. It is an organized, sophisticated discussion of the issues with both parties having to adhere to strict rules of conduct. Through this forum, both parties have the opportunity to substantiate their points and persuade the viewers. Most of us would agree then that debates are good. Viewers can hear both sides and weigh for themselves which point of view they find more favorable.

The idea of participating in a debate unnerves me to say the least. However, I agree that when one is passionate about a cause, a debate is a perfect forum in which to present the facts, highlight your ideas, and point out the flaws of the opposition.

Now, I understand that this blog can in no way be a substitute for a debate, but it is an excellent place for me to favorably present good cause for why a company would be wise in choosing HG Logistics LLC to handle their transportation needs. The facts are all clearly and precisely stated in our brochure, which you can access by clicking on the link below.  Read for yourself how HG Logistics LLC delivers success one shipment at a time. Better yet, book a load with us and let us show you why HG Logistics is certainly the better choice.

Link to Brochure: HG Logistics LLC Brochure