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Have you ever taken your child to work with you? When you do, do they go home talking about being chased around the office by your boss, who happens to have a can of silly string? Is there a guy in your office who is like a mocking bird who mimics whatever accent he must be hearing on the other end of the phone? Are there arguments? Is there someone who gets picked on a lot? Have you gotten grief about your outfit on a certain day? Can you bring your kids in on their day off from school and they earn money by helping out around the place? Is there laughter every single day? Is your general manager a truck driver- carpenter- painter-auto repair- home remodeler-exterminator- jack of all trades who helps out in a moment’s notice? Are there college kids, grandparents, and everyone in between?

Here at HG Logistics, an asset-based, third party freight broker in Cincinnati Ohio, we have all of these things. Sometimes in the whirlwind of ringing phones, rates, lanes, sales meetings, price haggling and copy machines, it is hard to remember that we are all people. And then something dysfunctional happens. Someone in the office needs a haircut, so it happens right there in the office. Someone’s brakes need done, so it happens right there in the warehouse. Water gun fights, bell ringing, arguments about sports teams….it looks dysfunctional. If you aren’t in the family, it probably is dysfunctional. Not for us, though.

I’m leaving HG today. I know that I’m going to miss the chaotic days. The laughter and the helpfulness of my coworkers is something that I’ve grown to be quite fond of in the past few years. The dysfunction here is what makes it worth coming to work. It reminds us that we celebrate, learn, and grow as a family. We celebrate together and mourn our losses together. Coworkers and family members die, babies are born, those college kids turn into college grads, children fall ill, and despite it all, HG is there to support and encourage.

I like to think that the dysfunction that happens every day in the office is more like dysFUNction. It brings us to smiles and laughter. All of that fun during the workday builds the bonds that remind us that our HG family is there to back us up if we need it. A work family forged in smiles that stands together through adversity and celebrates joys together isn’t always easy to come by these days. It is a kind of dysfunction that I am glad to have been a part of. I only hope that my future holds more of the same and that I continue to be a part of this family that I have grown to love.

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