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Yesterday, like nearly every other day during the spring and summer, I watched my son play baseball. I noticed that the boys on a particular team had one of three ways of handling themselves inside the batter’s box. While they each had their own routine of taking a few practice swings, spitting or rubbing dirt on their batting gloves, or knocking the mud off their cleats, what caught my eye was the action once they stepped up to the plate.


Swinging Sam…The first kind of kid was the “swing away” type. It didn’t matter what sign he got from the third base coach and it didn’t matter if the pitch was over his head, down the middle, or in the dirt, he was swinging at it. Sam is hungry for a hit at any expense, even striking out! This is the guy who recklessly goes after high pop-ups well outside his area of defense and just might slam into the kid who is calling him off for a shot at the glory. He just might make a play or two during the game, but not after costing outs on both defense and offense…and not in the way you want. Darn it, Sam!


The next kid up is the bat-on-shoulder kind of guy. Timid Timmy makes you wonder why he is there. He stands in the box and waits patiently to be walked. He has no intention of swinging the bat, and if the pitcher blows three fastballs past him, well, that’s just plain okay. Timmy will wander his way back to the dugout and dig out that bubblegum in the bottom of his bat bag that he was dreaming of while he had to make his obligatory trip out onto the field. This is the kid with his arms folded or picking daisies in the outfield, letting easy fly balls roll right past him. Timid Timmy strikes out…again.


Finally, there is Calm and Collected Charlie. Charlie stands at the ready, waiting for the coach to give him a sign. He is careful to watch the pitch from the pitcher’s hand to his bat. He paces himself and is patient, even with a full count. He understands that a walk is as good as a hit, and outs happen, but he doesn’t let it get him down. Charlie hustles for the ball on defense, but knows when it is more important to cover a base. He tries, he learns, and he keeps his cool. Charlie is successful and the team depends on his attitude to get them through tough games. Charlie is the guy you want for your kid’s buddy, because he makes good decisions and respects the adults around him.


HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio has a whole bunch of Charlies around. We are consistent and reliable. When they happen, we learn from mistakes, keep our heads up, and keep right on going. We make things right. We make good decisions and respect our customers and leaders. We wait for the right trucks and drivers, not just the easy ones. At HG Logistics, we aren’t looking for the glory or the fame, we are looking for a team win because of a job well done.


HG Logistics would like to take care of your freight shipping needs and show you what hard work, dedication, patience and hustle can do to improve your experience with the trucking industry. Give us a call to learn more!


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