Team Loyalty

Holly JonesMiscellaneous

Over the weekend, I was with friends watching baseball. With multiple televisions in the area, I was able to watch the Reds play while they watched another -much less important- game. I get picked on quite a bit for being a Cincinnati fan. The Reds and the Bengals tend to give us just enough hope to let us down. Even when we wade into the waters of the playoffs, we usually end up high and dry by the end of it all.

The Bengals haven’t even been to a Super Bowl since 1988, and the Reds haven’t captured the World Series title since 1990, despite a few forays into the fall playoff season.

Cincinnati fans are loyal fans, though, myself included. Unlike most folks around here, I didn’t grow up in the area. I grew up a couple hours north, where almost everyone roots for the Indians and the Browns. My dad was born in Cincinnati, though, and he instilled a love for Cincy sporting teams. His ceaseless chants of “Who Dey” stuck with me, and all these years later, here I am, in Cincinnati, still cheering for the same teams. Through ups and downs, we stand by our teams. We might talk about how terrible they are, but on game-day, we are loyal.

HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio is loyal as well. One of the greatest traits of our company is our loyalty to our customers and our carriers. We stand by those who we serve and we do our best to respect and appreciate those who provide services to us. Even through unavoidable hiccups, HG Logistics remains loyal and committed to providing quality service every time.

It is easy to be a fan in Cincinnati, because we are all loyal, and our teams are loyal to us.

If loyalty is a trait that you value, and you want to work with like minded  businesses, give us a call.