The Health of 3PLs Depends on Relationships

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Carrier Relationships

What Does it Take?

Since our startup in 2006, HG Logistics LLC has stood by the principle that we have two customers--our carriers and our customers. In the October 2022 issue of 3PL Perspectives, BM2 Freight submitted an article entitled, "Importance of Carrier Relationships." The article confirms that strong carrier relationships is a key fundamental principle for any successful third-party logistics company. It addresses three critical areas necessary for building a solid carrier network--safety, utilization, and communication.


 A sound logistics company starts by making safety number one. The customer's commodity is put into the hands of the driver and is only as safe as the person behind the wheel. Thus, it is essential to do your due diligence and check safety scores, accident reports, and maintenance records.


Once a carrier passes all safety qualifications, a third-party logistics company can build the relationship by utilizing them often and maximizing the number of shipments they haul. The more you use them, the better you get to know them both professionally and personally. As the relationship builds, so does trust.


Never underestimate the power of communication. Even though we live in a "digital" world, more often than not, the best way to grasp understanding of situations and the quickest way to resolve issues is through a direct phone call to the driver. Weather conditions, equipment problems, road conditions, traffic jams are just a few circumstances that can arise suddenly and without warning. Things can change from minute to minute while getting from Point A to Point B, which makes communication all the more essential.

HG Logistics LLC appreciates BM2 Freight for sharing this article. For HG Logistics, it reaffirmed the important fundamental truth we have been practicing for the past 16 years and will continue to do in our present and future business operations.