The "Naked Truth" – A Good Business Practice


My three year old granddaughter said, “Mommy, I look kind of funny today because I don’t have any makeup on.” I think she picked this up from me. One day she saw me putting on my makeup and she asked why I was doing that. I told her I put makeup on because I look funny without it.

I, like so many, use makeup to cover up the blemishes, the dark circles, age spots, etc. Many of us want to hide our imperfections in order to look our best. The makeup might make us more attractive to viewing eyes, but let’s face it. At the end of the day all that gets washed off, and we are left standing in front of the mirror reflecting on the “naked truth.”

Unfortunately, businesses are also sometimes in the act of covering up, or they make attractive claims to draw in customers. According to the Better Business Bureau, this is not good business practice. In an article, “Good Business Practices,” posted by the New York Better Business Bureau, they instruct businesses to “sell the smart way.”

Don’t make claims that you cannot live up to, such as “we guarantee the lowest prices.” With so much commercial interchange taking place globally over the Internet, it is almost impossible to prove this statement true at any given point in time. Instead, the article states that the best way to get customers and keep them is to be truthful, only advertise what is proven fact, and lay out on the table all the terms and conditions of the sale.  Leave nothing hidden. The article goes on to explain that the best way to respect your customers is to be honest with them.

I interpreted the message of this article to mean that customers do not want fancy, glittery jargon and packaging. They just want the “naked truth.” Remove the attractive wrapping and enticing messages and just deliver what you promise. Don’t worry that your customer might think you look “funny” without all the adornment. More than likely, they will respect your openness. Your directness they will find attractive, and that is what will leave them coming back for more.

HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been in business since September 2006. Over the years, we have come to appreciate open and direct business relationships. HG Logistics LLC is convinced honesty is the best business practice any company can adopt, and we are in full agreement with the Better Business Bureau who states, “Trust is the essential element for business success.”

To read the full article posted by the Better Business Bureau click here.