The Spring Rush is On

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The springtime can be a welcome change from the cold, icy and dreary days of winter. Although spring showers do arrive and temperatures aren’t quite sweltering yet, there is something to be said for jacket weather when you’ve been bundled in coats and gloves for a few months. Another thing that spring brings is busy schedules. If you have a sports player in your family, that could mean spring soccer season or baseball and softball games, and even track meets. As we move into May, it means prom season, graduations are right around the corner and weddings always seem to jam up Saturday schedules starting this time of year, too! School will be out and Memorial Day will be here before you know it….sound busy? Are you ready?

Here at HG Logistics, at third party, asset based freight broker in Cincinnati Ohio, we have a lot of these things going on. We are able to celebrate the college graduation of a coworker (congrats on your hard work!), an engagement (no wedding for a while though), and lots of kids playing sports every weekend. Employees are in on the sports action, with softball players and bowlers competing as well. Our kids are wrapping up at school with end of year projects and field days, and I’m guessing that some of yours are too.

What does any of this have to do with trucking and shipping your product? A lot. Remember when I asked if you are ready for the busy season? Are you? Graduations, holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July, weddings, and even backyard get-togethers mean one thing…increased freight. All those celebrations mean that sales will rise, and whether you’re moving ice cream, flowers, lawn chairs or baseballs, HG Logistics has you covered. We are never too busy for you. While we love our families, we also value our customers, and if there is an emergency, we are there for you. Here at HG Logistics, we will do what it takes to make sure that your graduation, wedding, cookout, or game is uninterrupted because we will handle the stress of moving and tracking your shipments.

Take advantage of a team who has it down. We work together so that our on-call employees get the time they need with their families and friends and so do you. Try working with someone who truly cares about the employees and the customers that they work with. Think of HG Logistics the next time you need to make a shipment. We are here for you!

Give us a call at 513-244-3026 or contact us via the link to the left. …..and Enjoy your spring!