TIA Members Combat Human Trafficking

nancysauersHG Logistics

HG Logistics LLC has been a member of TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association) since 2007. As a TIA member, HG Logistics promises to adhere to a Code of Ethics that promotes fair, honest, and professional conduct. TIA not only encourages moral, ethical values among its members, but also in communities across America. TIA takes a pro-active stance to encourage healthy, honorable choices and makes efforts to stop activities that are demoralizing and hurtful to people everywhere.

Just recently on October 21, 2021, TIA announced that it was expanding its partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) in order to give TIA members access to the TAT Certification Program. Through the TIA Learning Management System, TIA members can watch a 30-minute on-line training video that educates users on how to identify signs and occurrences of human trafficking, the places most common for these crimes to occur, and how TIA members are in a unique position to wage war on such a horrific problem.

Laura Cyrus, TAT’s Director of Corporate Engagement, said:

“We are grateful for TIA’s continued support of our mission and help in lighting pathways of engagement for their members to get acquainted with the TAT effort. By completing the TAT training, not only will members and their employees begin to understand how they can recognize and report human trafficking should they ever suspect it, but they will also be able to make immediate connections to how their relationships with drivers, carriers, and shippers can be activated to help spread the word….We are eager to work with additional 3PL organizations and assist them with activating their networks for social good and the fight against human trafficking in North America.”

TIA is excited to offer its members formalized training to assist in the battle against human trafficking. HG Logistics is equally excited to be part of an organization that supports such a mission, and HG Logistics looks forward to doing our part to make America safer.