Truckers Serving as a Primary Surveillance in Stopping Human Trafficking


Back on Oct 22, 2021, I shared a post about how the TIA is partnering with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to help prevent and stop human trafficking. TIA is continuing these efforts as reported in their January 2022 issue of 3PL Perspectives. The article entitled, “In the Fight Against Human Trafficking, Why Truckers?” written by Lyn Leeburg, Leeburg addresses why truckers are critical front-line people right alongside medical personnel, service employees, and restaurant and hotel workers. After all, the trucking business is 7-million strong and exists everywhere throughout the United States. Truckers’ presence at truck stops and rest areas where much of the human trafficking is occurring, often makes them eyewitnesses to these crimes being committed.

With the right training, truckers can better identify the occurrences of human trafficking activity and be knowledgeable on how and to whom to report these incidents. Leeburg shares statistics that strongly support truckers’ significant role in putting a stop to human trafficking. Since its startup in December 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has received over 2,782 calls from truckers which led to the investigation of 715 cases involving over 1,303 people. Leeburg also reports: “With one phone call, a trucker who saw some under-aged girls working a truck stop facilitated the recovery of those girls and that of seven other minors. Thirty-one offenders were arrested, and a 13-state prostitutions ring was broken.”

These results are encouraging to all who have taken a stand against human trafficking. As a TIA member, HG Logistics LLC is proud of the work that the TIA is doing to educate its members and help spread awareness to the trucking industry. No effort is too small. Together with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), the TIA, TIA members, and truckers across America hope to make continual progress in battling this hideous crime and in the words of the Department of Transportation, “Put the Brakes on Human Trafficking.”

Leeburg, L. (2022, January). In the Fight Against Human Trafficking, Why Truckers? 3PL Perspectives, 14-15.