Trucking Radio Personality Passes

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Some people sing along with the radio, some have mini DVD players, some enjoy the silence, and others listen to talk radio. So, what is your “thing” when it comes to staying entertained while driving? No one knows how to occupy their minds better than truck drivers when it comes to long trips out on the open road.

Recently, the drivers who have listened to all night radio for decades lost an icon. The late night, talk radio, truck driver show personality Sharon “Lumpy” Sommers passed away. Her husband Dale was the star of his own radio show, and Sharon appeared on it many times.

HG Logistics, a third party freight broker from Sharon’s birthplace and final residence of Cincinnati, Ohio joins family and friends in her loss. We would like to extend our condolences to those who loved her and thank her for all the lives that she touched. Keeping truck drivers entertained on the road can keep them awake and alert, which means safe and alive. Thank you both “Truckin Bozo” and “Lumpy” for all you did for the industry.

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