What can we do?

Holly JonesMiscellaneous

As I am sure is the case with offices, warehouses and companies all over the United States, overhearing or participating in a conversation about the recent tragedies involving terrorist attacks and police shootings is unavoidable. It is being discussed at children’s ballgames, at the gas station, in bars and restaurants everywhere. Whether we are talking about violence carried out in the name of terrorism, shootings by police and shootings of police, they are all tragic. No one can deny that lives are forever changed by these actions. Many are in disbelief. Celebrities, athletes and politicians are all voicing an opinion or a concern over recent incidents. Regardless of the stance of these things, many everyday people are left asking what they can or should do.

I was thinking about this today driving to work. What can anyone do? I am as horrified and disgusted as the next person about what has happened. Never mind any beliefs I might have about gun rights, terrorism laws, hate crimes, race issues or anything else. The fact remains that human beings are taking away human lives and it needs to stop. Like I assume many others do, I feel like I am an bystander and am totally out of control. How can I make any kind of difference?

My solution is kindness. What if each of us, just one time every day decided to do or say something nice or helpful or generous to another person? Not for someone that we would normally compliment or hold the door for, but for a stranger. If I can do one nice thing for someone I don’t know, might that influence that person to do the same? Even if it doesn’t, at least I know that I have put some good into the world.

Here at HG Logistics, a third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are full of kind people. Many folks here do and say wonderful things for one another and our business partners. I am now putting out a challenge for those here at HG Logistics, our friends, families and business associates to do something kind for a stranger. Don’t just do it today, but each day. Think of the hurt that has been put out into this world and realize that just a little bit of good, spread slowly outside our personal circles, might help to ease just a little of the pain. Take care of one another instead of tearing each other apart. Put a stop to those who bully or insult, or stand up for someone in need. Share, smile, compliment, applaud.

HG Logistics’ employees thoughts and wishes are with all of those victims and families of those involved in recent tragedies, and with those who work daily to serve and protect us as Americans.


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