Words From a Wise Man


Recently, one of our carriers stopped in to pick up his check. He is an older gentleman who has been in the trucking business for years. He is one of those guys who can sit down and tell you story after story, and you never get tired of listening to him.

Our manager jokingly suggested that he take me on an over-the-road trip so I can learn all the ins and outs of the trucking business. I’ll confess that what I know about the trucking business has come from within the confines of an office building. I have never been in a semi. I have never experienced life on the road. So yes, it would be quite an eye opening experience for me.

When my manager suggested this, the driver replied in his most gentlemanly manner, “Well, I can teach her, but I can’t be sure she will learn.” At first, I was a little insulted that he thought me not capable of learning. I teasingly reminded him that I issue his check so he better be nice to me.

After I had time to let his comment sink in, I realized that there is a lot of truth in what he said. A teacher can stand in front of a classroom all day and lecture, but that does not mean all the students are going to learn. In order for the teacher to effectively relay the information, there must be an active participant on the receiving end. Not only must they be attentive and listening to the message, but they also must absorb and comprehend the information.

There has to be a willingness and desire on both ends–one to share the knowledge and the other to process it.  If either one falters, there can be a breakdown in the whole teaching/learning process. And as many of us have experienced, there can be all kinds of distractions that can break that line of communication as well.

My trucker acquaintance and business associate was right. His statement to me was an expression of true wisdom. He could take me on a road trip, but would I really learn? Would I come back speaking the trucker’s lingo? Could I fill out a log book? Would I be able to drop and hook a trailer? The answer to all these questions would depend on whether or not I listened. I would like to believe I would be a good student, but I doubt that I could repeat some of that trucker’s language.

I am glad I crossed paths with a man wiser than myself. He reminded me that everyday presents learning opportunities, but I can only take advantage of those opportunities if I approach them with attentive ears, watchful eyes, and an open mind.

Sometimes we like to think we know all there is to know, but if we approach life with that attitude, we miss out on so many opportunities to expand our information bank. It took a wise man full of years to remind me that there are a few things I need to learn and with a willing spirit, that could be a possibility.

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