Zech Haydon Reels in a Big Catch


Before the start of this vacation season, many of us spent countless hours planning and organizing every detail of our vacations to ensure the best possible experience. There is nothing wrong with planning, but sometimes it is those last minute, unexpected trips that end up being the most enjoyable.

Zech Haydon, one of our National Account Manager at HG Logistics LLC, experienced one of those out-of-the-blue trips July 9th – 11th. Due to a cancellation, Zech and his girlfriend, Sam, were invited to join some friends on a weekend fishing trip in Clearwater, Florida. This was the first time Zech and Sam had been on fishing adventure like this one and it did not disappoint. This trip ends up being a lifetime, memorable moment.

Their day out at sea was quite profitable as they managed to reel in numerous, large sized fish, and as they pulled into the dock that afternoon, they felt luck had been on their side. Little did they know, the best was yet to come. As they spent the rest of the afternoon, going up and down the strip checking out all the little shops and restaurants, they came across Hulk Hogan’s bar, Hogan’s Hangout. A lady standing outside the bar started talking to them and told them that Hulk Hogan was inside and that they could go in and meet him.

Zech, Sam, and their friends spent the next five minutes talking with Hulk Hogan and getting their picture taken with him. The Hulk shared with them that he used to be 6’8″, but after 10 back surgeries, 2 hip replacements, and 2 knee replacements, he now only stands 6’4″. Regardless, he still stands tall in Zech’s eyes. As Zech said, “The Hulk is One Cool Guy.”