HG Logistics LLC Tribute to Presidents’ Day


On February 20, 2023, the third Monday in February, we will celebrate Presidents’ Day. Originally, George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22, 1732) and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (Feb. 12, 1809) were celebrated on separate holidays. In 1971, Congress passed the Uniform Federal Holidays Act that combined them into one Presidents’ Day.

Presidents’ Day is a day to reflect and honor two of our greatest presidents. Washington was a fearless leader. He was the only president to fight in battle during his presidency, and he led the United States to victory over the British. He was our first president, setting precedence in uncharted territory in more than one political area. This included passing the first copyright law, setting the standard for the president’s social life, and creating the position of Attorney General. He was, no doubt, a leader and pioneer.

Lincoln was also an innovator, as he was the only US President to hold a patent, and was the one who established Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Lincoln was also an early adopter of technology. He was the first president to use the telegraph and did so frequently. He was also an entrepreneur, and practiced law for several years despite the fact that he did not have a law degree.  1

Our country is blessed to have had such fearless, innovative, tough, trendsetting leaders that paved the way in establishing the United States as one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Our history is important, and just as important, is taking a day to honor those who bravely held the position of the presidency and worked diligently to make our country great.

HG Logistics LLC will be opened and doing business as usual on February 20, 2023, but be assured that HG Logistics LLC is eternally grateful for those leaders that fought hard to give us the freedom and privileges to own our businesses and pursue our careers and dreams. HG Logistics LLC encourages everyone, everywhere across our great nation, whether you are working, or off for the holiday, or if you are out chasing Presidents’ Day sales, please do so with a grateful heart to all those who helped make it possible.

Interesting Facts about Washington and Lincoln  2
Abraham Lincoln was an avid wrestler in his youth and only lost one of about 300 matches and is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.
Washington married but never had biological children of his own.
Lincoln created the U.S. Secret Service just hours before he was assassinated on April 14, 1865.
Washington lost more battles that he won while leading the Continental Army against the British, but he eventually was victorious in gaining independence.
The Lincoln Bedroom in the White House was originally his office and the place where he signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves.
Washington’s views on slavery shifted sometime in the Revolutionary War. When he drafted his will, he ordered all 123 enslaved people he owned be freed.
Washington’s personality was reportedly very proper, stiff, and he rarely laughed out loud. In contrast, Lincoln was known as a practical joker and not an aristocrat.
Washington died of a throat infection at age 67. His final words were reportedly, “Tis well.”

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