Top 10 Reasons to Ship HG Logistics LLC


1. Personalized monitoring of your shipment from pickup through delivery. 2. Specialize in all types of freight services: heavy haul, oversized, bulk material loads, temperature controlled, expedited, and LTL shipments. 3. Competitive rates. 4. Easy access to a nationwide database of reliable carriers. 5. Screen all carriers for safety record and insurance requirements. 6. Reliable–We Get the Job Done! 7. … Read More

HG Logistics Adopting PTO Plan


More employers today are doing away with the traditional time-off benefits of vacation days, sick days, and personal days. Instead, they are adopting a new concept called Paid Time Off (PTO). The idea of Paid Time Off (PTO) is to combine all time-off benefits into one “bank” of days off with pay. An employee will have so many days in … Read More

Recruiting Team Players


I have worked for HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company in Cincinnati, OH, since its start up 3 1/2 years ago. Recently, I was given the title “Team Leader.” I felt a good place to start in learning my new position was to concentrate on the “team” aspect. Coincidentally, I had just read a book that addressed this … Read More

Watch Out for Scammers


              'TIS THE SEASON… TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR FRAUDULENT CARRIERS! During these trying economical times, more carriers are resorting to unethical and deceptive business practices. Carriers are requesting in transit agreement modifications in which they are demanding payment after they pick up the load, but before delivering the freight. Carriers are using such tactics as repeatedly calling the … Read More

Top Places to Work in Cincinnati!


Every now and then you see local magazines listing the “Top 10” places to work in Cincinnati. Well, I have to say that HG Logistics LLC would get my vote for #1. I have been with this third party logistics company since May 7, 2009, and I have nothing but positive feedback for anyone interested. The atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone … Read More

Trust and Accountability

nancysauersBest Practices

In this economic turmoil and with the “me, me, me” attitude so evident in the society we live today, it is good to know that there are still companies that stress accountability to their customers. HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, understands the need to stand accountable to each and everyone of our customers, whether it … Read More

HG Logistics – Past, Present, Future

nancysauersHG Logistics

Reflections by Dave Greek Jr., President   About three years ago, HG Logistics was founded.  As a sister company to Hill and Griffith, we knew there were opportunities to expand and strengthen our relationships with our customers, while in turn utilize the values of HG Logistics to expand our horizons into new markets.  While some may look back and question … Read More

HG Logistics LLC is Poised for Success

nancysauersHG Logistics

Three Year Anniversary Growth: Three years ago, HG Logistics started with just three employees–a logistics manager, an office assistant, and a human resource/sales coordinator. We have now grown to five brokers and three office staff, and our looking to expand further by adding two brokers by October 2009. Credit Score: At first, HG Logistics’ credit score was not available. However, … Read More

Prevention and Healthcare


In a recent article that I read by Dr. Andrew Myers in the Internet Truckstop, prevention could be our cure for the nation's healthcare woes. Having spent three days in the hospital myself in January with a heart ailment at the age of forty, Dr. Myers' point hits home. America is facing a health crisis. We are less active than … Read More

Advantages to Using a Broker


I have heard and seen a lot of comments stating “Don’t ever use a broker!” plastered all over some carrier’s(/broker’s) websites. I can see the appeal of wanting to bypass the broker fee by contacting the carrier directly. For many people, the bottom line is all that matters. I realize that economic times are tough and most of the people … Read More