Cincinnatians Love to Say “PLEASE”


  HG Logistics LLC is located right in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. We are true Cincinnatians. As Cincinnati natives, we love our Bengals and Cincinnati Reds, we have the best chili, we often are referred to as “Porkopolis,” and people come all over to run in our “Flying Pig Marathon.” Perhaps what you didn’t know about us, is that … Read More

The Health of 3PLs Depends on Relationships

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Carrier RelationshipsWhat Does it Take?Since our startup in 2006, HG Logistics LLC has stood by the principle that we have two customers–our carriers and our customers. In the October 2022 issue of 3PL Perspectives, BM2 Freight submitted an article entitled, “Importance of Carrier Relationships.” The article confirms that strong carrier relationships is a key fundamental principle for any successful third-party logistics … Read More

F R E I G H T – It’s our Business

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F R E I G H T Flexibility: Relationships: Expertise: Insight: Grounded: Handles Issues: Time & Money Saver: HG Logistics LLC can handle the spikes and lows that manufactures and producers experience with normal business cycles. HG can easily adjust to the needs of more or less capacity relieving unnecessary stress for businesses. HG Logistics values relationships with our customers. … Read More

HG Logistics LLC Partners with SmartWay 8 Straight Years

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HG Logistics LLC in Cincinnati, OH announced today, August 25, 2022, that it has submitted and received approval for their current data submission to the SmartWay Transport Partnership, an innovative collaboration between U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry. The SmartWay Transport Partnership provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains. HG Logistics … Read More

HG Logistics LLC Complimented by a Primary Customer

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  “You and your team have been fantastic. Jesse in shipping loves working with you and definitely voiced his opinion to me several times. He says, ‘Keep HG Coming! They make my life easier!’ Great work once again on getting everything covered and keeping everyone informed! In case you didn’t know–You are our #1! Thanks for everything!” Lori Shearer Transportation … Read More

Congratulations Jimmy! – She said Yes!

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Jimmy Hayes, HG Logistics LC Coordinator/Account Manager, proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years, Samantha, Frantzis. He could not have picked a more stunning backdrop than oceanside sunset in Naxos, Greece. On July 24th, Jimmy asked Samantha to be his partner for life and she gladly accepted his proposal. What a beautiful picture and what a beautiful couple. HG Logistics … Read More

Truck Parking is About to Get Easier

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Parking presents its challenges to drivers of all vehicle types, but those challenges can prove astronomical to truckers maneuvering a semi with a 53′ trailer. Most of us are aware of the dangers truck drivers face while on the road, but rarely do we think of the risks associated with finding safe places to park. It is reported that truckers … Read More

Trucking in the Summer

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We are in the peak month of summer, and you would think that driving conditions for truckers would be more favorable than the slick, icy roads of winter. Although truckers may not be facing significant snowstorms, summer presents its challenges for drivers as well. Drivers need to be aware of the following conditions and prepare appropriately. Drivers will face extreme … Read More

June 28th – National Logistics Day

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June 28, 2022, marks the 4th Annual National Logistics Day. In 2019, the US House of Representatives issued a formal Congressional Record honoring June 28th as National Logistics Day after being presented this request by Hon. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania. In his presentation to Congress, Mike Kelly stated: “It is vital that we recognize the dedicated professionals in the logistics … Read More